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Starter Pack

The way we approach STEM influences its impacts on the world around us. Find materials that discuss the need to incorporate discussions on inequities in STEM, as well as ways to develop your vocabulary as you guide these conversations.

How do we help redefine STEM?

Questions for Self-Reflection

  1. How often do you see a person who looks like you in a STEM career?

  2. How comfortable are you with calling yourself a scientist? Do you feel that you belong in STEM?

  3. Have you ever faced imposter syndrome?

  4. How do you think sexual orientation and gender identity affect someone's experience in STEM?

  5. How does scientific exploration leave certain communities behind?

  6. When you imagine a "high-tech" or "advanced" future, how does diversity fit into your vision? 

Questions for Action

  1. How can we uplift diverse voices in STEM?

  2. How can "progress" be inequitable? How can STEM begin to uplift disadvantaged communities?

  3. How must the STEM community address social inequities?

  4. Whose voices must be at the center of conversations about our future?

  5. What is your role in the movement to improve inclusivity in the STEM community?

  6. How can we act with empathy in order to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM?

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