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Classroom Activites

Students may demonstrate their understanding of intersections between STEM lessons and societal issues in diverse ways. After drawing on the STEMpathy Resource Library for inspiration, students can find subjects important to themselves that relate to STEM lessons and skills.  With these rubrics, facilitate projects and assessments that fit your students and classroom.

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Close Reading

To be used with articles, podcasts, and videos from the STEMpathy Resources Library, a close analysis assignment helps students reflect on the content, style, and themes of an issue related to STEM. 

Close Reading Worksheet

Close Reading Rubric

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Blog Post

Help students develop written communication skills while exploring a STEM issue related to their community through a blog post assignment. While writing, students develop meaningful connections to class material.


Blog Post Prompts

Blog Post Rubric

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Classroom Debate

STEM-related issues often arise in media, inviting policy debates that will shape our future. Prepare your students to participate in debates in a civil, informed manner. Engage the entire classroom with this assessment.

Debate Prompts

Debate Rubric

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Students may use this visual format to display the effects of a STEM-related issue. Through this assignment, students have the opportunity to exercise presentation skills and improve creative visualization techniques.

Vlog/Documentary Prompts

Vlog/Documentary Rubric

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Data Analysis

Data analysis is a crucial skill for success in the workforce. Facilitate the exploration of data related to any STEM lesson, helping students as they apply statistical tests to answer questions about their world.

Data Analysis Guide

(Coming Soon)

Data Analysis Rubric

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Research Project

Before entering a STEM major, expose your students to independent research projects through this assignment.​ Students learn how to conduct research and apply STEMpathy throughout the assignment.

Research Project Guides

Research Project Rubric


Interested in resource implementation? STEM Redefined is happy to work with you to find resources for your STEM classroom.

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