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For Students

We encourage students of all backgrounds to pursue STEM careers and serve their communities. In addition to the materials provided for teachers, below are a few resources you may use as you begin to navigate academia with STEMpathy. ​

Day In The Life

Learn about the activities of STEM majors and professionals.

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Research Guides

Explore the steps of the research process and build experience. 

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Resource Library

Find articles, podcasts, and videos that connect to your classes.

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Apply to scholarships that support your STEM pathway.

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Scientist Stores

Find STEM professionals that share your identity and interests.

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Definitions for difficult conversations.

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How can we redefine your STEM pathway?

Fill out the form below to help us create and collect resources that would be useful in your STEM journey during high school. In the Message section, please describe what type of resources or opportunities you are looking for.​

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