Classroom Debates

Engage students in topics that are important to them and their communities, as well as their personal interests. This opportunity allows students to practice research skills, communication, and good citizenship.

Is technology increasing people’s quality of life? Sample Articles:

  1. Technological Influence on Society

  2. The Future of Well-Being in a Tech-Saturated World

  3. PBS Survey Finds Teachers are Embracing Digital Resources to Propel Student Learning

  4. Implementing technology in healthcare: insights from physicians

  5. How technology can help reduce our impact on the planet

  6. Digital technology can be harmful to your health

Is artificial intelligence dangerous? Sample Articles:

  1. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

  2. Business Applications for Artificial Intelligence: An Update for 2020

  3. Forbes: How Is Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Used In Engineering?.

  4. The potential for artificial intelligence in healthcare

  5. Climate change threatens crops. AI could help save them.

  6. Dangers Of AI: 6 Risks Of Artificial Intelligence

  7. The impact of artificial intelligence on human society and bioethics

Do video games make us smarter or are their cognitive benefits overrated? Sample Articles:

  1. The Impact of Video Games on the Players Behaviors: A Survey

  2. The Impacts of Video Games on Cognition (and How the Government Can Guide the Industry)

  3. Videogames and Wellbeing: A Comprehensive Review

  4. The health effects of too much gaming

Should all cars be electric? Sample Articles:

  1. Factcheck: How electric vehicles help to tackle climate change

  2. How Green Are Electric Vehicles?

  3. Electric Car or Mass Transit? Tesla and Singapore Clash Over Climate Change

  4. Quantifying the Societal Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Should gene editing be allowed for the purpose of guaranteeing health? Sample Articles:

  1. The CRISPR-baby scandal: what's next for human gene-editing

  2. Human Gene Editing Initiative

  3. Harvard researchers share views on the future, ethics of gene editing

  4. Despite Controversy, Human Studies of CRISPR Move Forward in the U.S.

  5. Ethics, Values, and Responsibility in Human Genome Editing

  6. Jennifer Doudna, CRISPR scientist, on the ethics of editing humans

Should science try to revive extinct creatures? Sample Articles:

  1. Should we bring extinct species back from the dead?

  2. Meet the Scientists Bringing Extinct Species Back From the Dead

  3. These Are the Extinct Animals We Can, and Should, Resurrect

  4. Bringing Them Back to Life

  5. De-extinction: a novel and remarkable case of bio-objectification

  6. Anticipating risks, governance needs, and public perceptions of de-extinction

Is the world better off with or without genetically modified food? Sample Articles:

  1. Biotechnology – A Solution to Hunger?

  2. The Truth about Genetically Modified Food

  3. GMO Crops, Animal Food, and Beyond.

  4. World Health Organization: Food, Genetically modified

  5. The GMO threat to food sovereignty: Science, resistance and transformation

Should a person own their DNA? Sample Articles:

  1. Understanding Ownership and Privacy of Genetic Data

  2. Who Should Have Access to Your DNA?

  3. Head to Head: Should families own genetic information? Yes

  4. Law of genetic privacy: applications, implications, and limitations

  5. Evolving public views on the value of one's DNA and expectations for genomic database governance: Results from a national survey

Will it be beneficial to expand stem cell research? Sample Articles:

  1. Evolving public views on the value of one's DNA and expectations for genomic database governance: Results from a national survey

  2. Stem Cell Research | The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity

  3. The President's Council on Bioethics: Stem Cells Index

  4. Importance of Stem Cells

  5. The Power of Stem Cells

  6. Stem Cell Research as Innovation: Expanding the Ethical and Policy Conversation

Should we ban trans fat? Sample Articles:

  1. Trans Fat Bans and Human Freedom

  2. Trans Fat | FDA

  3. Three Billion People Protected from Harmful Trans Fat in Their Food

  4. Natural Trans Fats Have Health Benefits, New Study Shows

  5. Trans fat bans lessen health risks, research suggests

Are zoos doing more harm than good to the environment? Sample Articles:

  1. Ecological Ethics in Captivity: Balancing Values and Responsibilities in Zoo and Aquarium Research under Rapid Global Change

  2. Are Zoos Good or Bad for Animals?.

  3. Evaluating the Contribution of North American Zoos and Aquariums to Endangered Species Recovery

  4. What Is the Future for Zoos and Aquariums?

Is ecotourism beneficial to an environment? Sample Articles:

  1. Ecotourism in Costa Rica: Empowering Local Communities

  2. The Impact of Ecotourism on the Environment

  3. Growth in ecotourism may harm wildlife

  4. Ecotourism and the empowerment of local communities.

  5. Unhealthy travelers present challenges to sustainable primate ecotourism

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